Athletic Eligibility Rules

Participating in the Holy Trinity Catholic School athletic program is a privilege, not a right. Students earn the privilege of participating through hard work, dedication, desire, and self-discipline. The school, in cooperation with the students and parents, will make a reasonable effort to hold participating students to personal, academic, and discipline standards. Students, athletes, spectators, coaches, and instructors represent the school, and they are expected to be worthy representatives.

Academic Eligibility

Academics are a priority at Holy Trinity School. Students must maintain a C or above grade in each subject.  This includes all specials.

If a student has below a C, that student will be given a warning and will have one week or until the next evaluation day to bring that grade up to a passing grade.  While a student is on a warning, they may go to practices and games.

If the student’s grades are not brought up to a C or above by the next evaluation day, they will not be able to attend practices or games until the next evaluation day and the grade is a C or above.

Behavior Eligibility

When students choose to become an HTS athlete, they have to accept responsibility for their behaviors.

If a student receives 5 demerits during a 9 week period he or she will not be able to participate in games for a period of two weeks and will receive an after school detention.  Weekly monitoring of behavior will occur during the time of the ineligibility. The student must remain demerit free during this period.  The student may attend practice during this time.

If a student earns 10 demerits during a 9 week period, they will be removed from the team. 

School Attendance

A student who is absent from school for illness or who leaves during the school day for illness may not participate in the day’s athletic practice or games.