From the Desk of the Principal: January Newsletter

01-01-2018NewsletterMrs. Kimberly Stevenson

Happy New Year 2018! The New Year is the time of discovering new horizons and the realization of dreams. May you rediscover new strength and gather faith within yourself. May you be able to rejoice in the simple pleasures that life has to offer and bravely work through all the challenges that may come your way. Wishing you a terrific New Year.

Holy Trinity Catholic School is proud to participate in National Catholic Schools Week. Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. The theme for National Catholic Schools Week 2018 is “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed, Please join us as we honor our Catholic education at Holy Trinity Catholic School.  We kick off this special week at the 5:00pm mass on Saturday, January 27, 2018.  Please see the full schedule here.

Middle States: This year our school will be applying for reaccreditation to The Middle States Association of Colleges and schools. The school will be using the Excellence by Design protocol for our self-study. This is a self-study and accreditation protocol that uses strategic planning as a tool for establishing objectives for growth improvement in student performance and in the school’s ability to effect that growth. In addition, the protocol provides for a continuous review of programs and services and of the results of student performance. It also enables diverse constituent groups to participate in charting the future of the school.

Parent Survey:  All parents are asked to complete the Middle States survey. This process will help establish priorities for improvement by using this data collection from the Middle States surveys. There are 3 surveys required for this self-study. A survey has been completed by the administration, faculty, staff, students in 5th – 8th grades and parents of HTS.  All of the surveys have been completed except for the Parent survey.  The Parent survey link can be accessed at:       

Please complete the survey by January 22nd.  Thank you in advance for your participation.

Babies Have Arrived:  Congratulations to our teachers Rachael Wallover and Lizzy Addison on the birth of their children.

Elle Addison born on December 28th at 12:07am. She weighed 7lbs and 6 oz and was 21 inches long. Please keep Lizzy and Elle in your prayers. Elle has an infection and will remain in NICU for another week. Congratulations to Lizzy and Craig!

Logan Robert Wallover was born on December 19th. He weighed 7 lbs and 2 oz and was 19.5 inches long. Kerrigan is a very proud big sister. Congratulations to Rachael and Zack.

Staff Changes:  There will be several staff changes at HTS when we return to school in January.  As you know both Mrs. Addison and Mrs.Wallover had their babies over the Christmas holiday. Also, Mrs. Gabor is expecting her third child in April and will be leaving her job.  We wish all of our new mothers and our expectant mother much love and happiness in the days, months and years ahead.

I am excited to announce that Mrs. Douglass will be teaching for Mrs, Addison, Mr. Mahoney will be teaching for Mrs. Wallover and Mrs. Beadling will be the new Preschool aide.  Please join me in welcoming them to the HTS faculty.

Festival Chair Persons Needed:  The school is looking for people interested in helping with the Holy Trinity School Festival.  The current Festival chairperson, Bonnie Amendola is stepping down and the school is looking for someone or a group of people who are interested in being part of the management of the Festival for August 2018.  I would like to thank Bonnie for chairing this event for the past several years.

We are looking for fresh ideas and are open to any suggestions to revamp the Festival and make it more profitable and streamlined.  The school is dedicated to this fundraiser and will work with the committee to make the Festival a success.  We believe that the best way to handle the Festival is to have a committee with various co-chairs or subcommittees and distribute the responsibilities, similar to how the Auction and Car Raffle are run. If you have any interest at all in chairing the Festival this year or being on the Festival committee please contact Mrs. Stevenson (  

There will be a meeting to discuss new ideas on January 23, 2018 at the school.  Please RSVP by email to Sarah Smith, Fundraising Committee chairperson by Friday, January 19th at  The dates for this year's festival are August 1st-4th. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the 23rd!

SCRIP Gift Cards:  One of our key fundraising projects is the ongoing sale of SCRIP Gift Cards. All families are encouraged to participate in this significant fundraising opportunity.  The gift card program offers you the ability to buy gift cards to use in place of cash, debit, or credit cards for everyday purchases, such as groceries, gas, dining, and retail shopping.  We all shop… let’s put our shopping to work toward our family fundraising goals!

In order to expand our gift card sales we will be selling cards at all of the masses.  I am asking for you to sign up to sell cards because it is simple.  You need to be at mass a half an hour before and a half an hour after mass.  You can attend mass in between.  We have a great opportunity to grow this program by offering this purchasing opportunity to the parishioners.  You will earn 1 volunteer hour and receive fundraising credit. Go to to sign up.  The link is also on the school website.

Cafeteria and Recess Help Needed:  Can you spare some time to volunteer to serve lunch and monitor recess?  It is extremely important to have extra help so that the students move through the lunch line faster, enabling them time to enjoy their lunch and also get to have ample time for recess. It is also extremely necessary to have enough parents to monitor the students’ safety during outside and indoor recess.  The best part of volunteering for lunch and recess is spending time with the children.  Hugs are free and given in abundance. Please consider helping us out and remember you do need your clearances to volunteer.

Emergency Closings and Delays: If inclement weather or some other emergency requires that the school be delayed or closed, this information will be announced on the School Reach System. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL OR RECTORY FOR THIS INFORMATION. You can also see a list of closing and delays on KDKA.  We are listed as Holy Trinity School Robinson.

Two Hour Delay Information: The car rider doors will open at 9:45 am for all K – 8 students. Preschool can be dropped off at 10:00am. Our Morning Care Program will be available at 7:00am for parents who need to drop off their child on two hour delays for the cost of $7.25 for 1 hour, $8.25 for 2 hours and $9.25 for 3 hours.

Modified Half Day Kindergarten Schedule: When Holy Trinity School has a two hour delay all half and full day students will report to school by 10:00 am.  At 12:30 pm the half day kindergarten students will be dismissed. 

Modified Half Day Preschool Schedule: When Holy Trinity School has a two hour delay all half and full day students will report to school by 10:00 am.  Half days students will be dismissed at 12:00 pm.  There is no snack time on two hour delays for half day students only, so be sure that your child eats breakfast.

School District Closings and Delays:  If you do not receive a call that HTS is delayed or cancelled, but the public school district which provides your child’s transportation is, only those children should follow the delay or cancellation.  Children who ride the buses of other districts who are not delayed or who are driven should arrive at the normal time.  PLEASE NOTE:  Because our attendance registers are legal indicators of a child's presence at the times we are in session, children who arrive late or are absent because of busing when school is in session will be marked as excused tardy or excused absence.

Winter Dress: With the winter temperatures upon us it is extremely important to dress your children appropriately.  If the temperature is 32 degrees or above the children will be going out for recess. It is important to allow time for the students to run off their penned up energy after sitting in class all morning even in colder temperatures. Also it is best to dress girls in tights with their plaid uniforms or wear navy pants.  Recess is twenty minutes long so the children must be dressed in winter coats, hats, and gloves.  If your child does not wear a winter coat, they will have to remain indoors.  Your cooperation on this matter is greatly appreciated.

The Holy Trinity Student Council is made up of students in 5th through 8th grade. Student council members help the local community and school through fundraising and volunteerism. Students raise money for charities and make improvements to the school. Holy Trinity student council fosters leadership, charity and civic skills which will prepare them to be future members of our community. Student council is led by school moderator Mr. Alan Betten Sr.

Joey Leininger, Alexandra Loehlein, Casie Yonker, Harold Tarr, Aaron Williams, Luke Baker, Jack Marcello, Maria Cicchino and Sierra Abbott, Kyle Rooney, Allison Weaver, Kate Mickle, Chiara Golomb, Tony Cicchino, Taytem Froehlich, Audrey Flanagan (President), Isabelle Kulak, Braehm Brown and Ethan Williams (Vice-President)

WOW, check out our kids!

Congratulations to Lauralei Kroniser for placing 2nd in the Pittsburgh Section of the American Chemical Society 2017 National Chemistry week K-2 category for the illustrated poem contest. Lauralei received a certificate and a prize check for $25.00. Lauralei is a 1st grader in Mrs. DiPaolo's class. We are proud of you, Lauralei!

Fairchild Challenge: Last month I share information on the Eco Edibles completion that the 7th  graders participated in for part one of the  Phipps Conservatory’s Fairchild Challenge.
This month the 6th grade participated in the 2nd Fairchild Challenge, which was Petals and Pollinators.  The students were assigned to create a 3-D model of a fictional flower and label at least three scientific parts. They were also required to write a paper that included information on the the type of environment, the type of pollinator the flower relies on, and the adaptation that co-evolved to facilitate pollination.

6th Grade white created the Golden Beauty.

6th grade Blue created The Blue Shade.