From the Desk of the Principal: April Newsletter

04-03-2018NewsletterMrs. Kimberly Stevenson

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I want to wish you a Blessed Easter. May the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, fill you with joy this Easter season and always!

Confirmation: Please pray for our 8th graders who will receive their Confirmation on Tuesday, April 10th with Bishop Waltersheid. Our Confirmation candidates are Vanessa Betten, Connor Bridges, Connor Callahan, Anthony Cicchino, Nicholas DiPerna, Andrew Feeley, Audrey Flanagan, Taytem Froehlich, Patrick Forster, Jillian Frosell, Chiara Golomb, Cheyenne Gorsuch, James Haseleu, Cameron Hurwitz, Isabelle Kulak, Renee LaGrosse, Ian Lecker, Averil Ludwick, Andrew Marcello, Gabriel Miller, Ethan Minzer, Mason Moore, Alex Paluso, Joseph Rees, Joseph Ruscoe, Madeline Schiavo, Austin Smith, Annabella Sueiras, Kennedy Walsh, and Ethan Williams

Uniform Change: Spring is just around the corner.  The longer, warmer days allow us to get outside and enjoy God's gift of nature's rebirth.  As the season changes so does our dress code. The students may wear navy shorts and skorts beginning on April 3rd. Please refer to the Parent Student Handbook for additional information. This option is not permitted on mass days.  I ask that you dress your children appropriately according to the weather forecast since they will be going outside and the weather may still be cold.

Service Hours:  Service hours are due to your child’s homeroom teacher by May 2nd.  Failure to complete service hours will affect your child’s religion grade for the last 9 weeks. All students in grades 6th - 8th at Holy Trinity School are required to do community service.  The requirements are as follows; 6th grade 5 hours, 7th grade 10 hours, and 8th grade 30 hours: 15 for school and 15 for Confirmation. The members of the Beaver Regional Honor League have until May 2ndt to complete the 15 hours required for this program.

Donation to Chimbote: Thanks to the tons of pennies and silver coins used in our Penny War Competition during Catholic Schools Week, we are able to send a generous donation to the Chimbote Missions. The amount of our donation is $2,346.63.  Thank you for your generosity and start saving your pennies again for next year.  Please visit this website at for information on the medical advances occurring at the Chimbote Mission.

Middle States Survey:  I want to thank all of the parents who completed the Middle States Survey.  The information in this survey will be very helpful in developing our self-study.  In May, I will share the new Mission Statement and the Profile for the Graduate and In June our Organizational Capacity Objectives and Action plan.

State of the School Address:  The State of the School Address was held on Monday, March 26th.  We had 26 people in attendance.  Thank you.

Fundraising:  As we continue to work towards accomplishing our fundraising goal I would like to thank you the parents for participating in and chairing our fundraisers and events.  Together we will met our goal!

Cash Bash: The Cash Bash returned to HTS in February.  Bob and Dawn Bressler chaired this event.  The night was a great success selling out all 250 attending tickets.  The profit appears to be slightly over $7,000.00.  I want to thank the Bressler family and everyone who helped in anyway with this event.

Tigerthon: The Tigerthon mailers have been sent out and we are in the process of recording the donations.  To date our profit is $35, 816.00.  We had $2,498.96 in expenses, $2,022.00 was postage. Thank you to our families who donated a total of 201 stamps.  Next year we hope to send electronic mails to maximize our profit.  We would love to hear your thoughts.  Thank you to chairs Diane Iacchetti, Char Osso,and Natalie Molinaro.  Thanks everyone who helped with this fundraiser from our dance instructor Mrs. Hornyak to the mailer folders and the data recorders.  Thanks!

Diocesan Bee Representative: On March 20th, HTS held a Spelling Bee to determine our representative to the Diocese of Pittsburgh Spelling Bee to be held on May 16th at St. Louise de Marillac School.

Twelve students participated, representing grades 4-6. The students were from 4A, Christian Williams and Elise Hornyak, 4B Sarah Sellman and Max Gabor, 5A Alexandra Loehlein , 5B Lydia Bartlett and Josie Einloth,  6A Dom Bodek and Sophia Davoli and 6B Aaron Williams and Contessa Tripodi. The competition was stiff and the bee lasted 18 rounds with Contessa winning. Her winning words were horrific and personality. Congratulations, Contessa!  We look forward to your next success!

Holy Trinity Goal Tracker:  As you know the Goal Tracker is an online website that is available for you to check both volunteer and fundraising assessments.  Please check your third 9 week statement. You will have 2 weeks after the report cards are issued to notify the chairperson if your information is incorrect. No changes will be made after April 24th.  The website address is   All questions should be directed to the chairperson of the event or fundraiser.  Here is a list of chairpersons for the 3rd nine week events and fundraisers. 

Giving Glory to God:  During their February meeting, students in the Praise, Worship & Service group decorated heart magnets and made valentines for the retired Sisters of Charity at Seton Hill.  The group meets monthly and works on a small service project at each gathering sharing showing their love for others.

A Shining Year for H.T.S. Forensics Team

Holy Trinity’s Forensic Team had a wonderful year! This year’s team had 26 students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

6th graders: Bianca Golomb, Julian Myron, and Reighan Bean.

7th graders: Evie Minzer, Joey Leininger, Sage Sonnett, Sierra Abbott, Allison Weaver, Lily Barbisch, Clare Mulvay, Olivia Mulvay, Victoria Wegrzynowicz, and Olivia Wegrzynowicz

8th graders: Braehm Brown, Vanessa Betten, Taytem Froehlich, Kennedy Walsh, Madi Schiavo, Averil Ludwick, Belle Kulak, Audrey Flanagan, Jillian Frosell, Chiara Golomb, Renee LaGrosse, Ethan Minzer, and Isabel Majoris.

We competed in our first meet on November 18th at St Killian’s. Everyone received a ribbon; in fact, we received a total of 8- 1st places, 6- 2nd places and 12- 3rd place ribbons. With a team total of 70 points, H.T.S. earned 3rd place out of 11 schools.

H.T.S. hosted our second meet on January 20th. Once again, everyone received a ribbon. Our team earned 86 points, with 9- 1st place, 11- 2nd place and 8- 3rd place ribbons. H.T.S. came in 3rd place out of 14 schools this meet.

Our third meet was held at Holy Sepulcher on February 10th. H.T.S. won 14-1st place, 8-2nd place and 3-3rd place ribbons. With a team total of 97 points, we came in 2nd place out of 11 schools.

Finals were held at Butler Catholic on March 3rd. 21 schools came together to compete and award the top schools for the year. Our team earned 4-2nd place, 1-3rd place ribbons and 5-1st place medals. Our team came in 5th for Finals. H.T.S. came in 5th place out of 21 teams for the whole year, thus garnering a team trophy.

All-Stars is the final competition where students compete for the best in each category out of all the schools.  Each school takes their top student in each of the following categories: Poetry, Prose, Declamation, Drama, Impromptu and Multiple Reading. Kennedy Walsh (Poetry), Clare Mulvay (Prose), Braehm Brown (Declamation), Jillian Frosell (Drama) and Renee LaGrosse, Ethan Minzer and Chiara Golomb (Multiple Reading) all represented H.T.S. at All-Stars. 

After two rounds, Jillian Frosell won the All-Star trophy and pin in the category of Drama. Out of all 21 schools, Jillian is the All-Star in Drama for the whole year.

Congratulations to all of the students who worked very hard this year. We are proud of our H.T.S. 2017-2018 Forensics Team! We look forward to next year.

Dr. Seuss Day: A nationwide reading celebration takes place every year on March 2nd.  It is the birthday of children’s author Theodor Geisel, “Dr. Seuss”.   The students in First Grade joined in the celebration to follow the very important message: Children who read, and who are read to, do better in school. The day was filled with fun activities based around the Dr. Seuss theme; the students read many favorite Dr. Seuss stories, rated them in reading logs, graphed them according to favorites, completed book reports, dressed as favorite characters, read to the Pre-School students and cooked delicious green eggs and ham in the classroom. Everyone enjoyed the activities!    

Honoring Jack Hinds: On March 3, 2018, there was a ceremony held to honor Jack Hinds for his 25 years of service to Holy Trinity School. During this ceremony, it was announced the basketball court in the school’s gym was designated Coach Hinds Court. Coach Hinds created and has actively led the developmental basketball program for student athletes in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades to teach the fundamental skills of basketball. Many parent volunteers have served as assistants through the years to make this program a success. Practices occur twice a week from early November through early March and can include scrimmages among the HTS groups or with nearby Catholic schools. Coach Hinds hosts two Skills Demonstration events where parents and families are invited to attend: one just before Christmas, and one at the end of the season.

The time, efforts, and dedication of Coach Hinds have meant so much to the families at Holy Trinity. In conjunction with the Rohrich Automotive Group, he coordinates the donation of shirts each year to the students and coaches. With the opportunity to learn at a young age, the players develop confidence in their basketball abilities for their Junior Varsity and Varsity seasons. Athletic Association President Ronnie Michnowicz organized the recognition and unveiled the floor designation as a surprise at the 2017-18 end-of-season Skills Demonstration. Coach Hinds has given the kids at Holy Trinity memories that will last forever; in turn, Coach Hinds now has the proper recognition that will last forever. Every student at Holy Trinity that plays basketball will now have the permanent reminder that they have practiced, learned and competed on Coach Hinds Court.

2018 Winter STEM Olympics: Students participated in a Winter STEM Olympics in February that corresponded with the games in South Korea.  Students divided into groups (or countries) and competed in four different events. They had a set of guidelines to build and test each of their competitors/equipment.  They competed in snowboarding, curling, bobsledding, and the biathlon. Medals were presented to the top 3 countries.  Students also completed a worksheet that went along with all the science that tied into to each sport.

Chess Champ: Congratulations to 5th grader Thomas Gayliardi for winning Second Place at the Sewickley Public Library chess tournament on Saturday. He won the spot from tie-breaks having faced the toughest of the 36 competitors. His participation in seven sessions of chess classes at Holy Trinity is paying off!  We won't be surprised see him winning more prizes in the future. Way to go, Thomas!

HTS Got Talent: Anyone who attended the Talent Show on March 23rd will tell you just how talented our children are.  We had dancers and musicians who played electric guitar, cello, violin, and piano, comedy acts, and singers.  There were 38 acts and the time just few by.  Lynn Frosell and her right hand man Eric Frosell did an amazing job organizing this event along with Mike and Marie Flanagan for their help back stage and creating the program.  A special thank you to Nicole Crofford for her help with auditions and transitions on and off the stage, Mr. & Mrs. Seibel for running the concession stand and all of our parent volunteers who help the night of the show.  Thank you to all of the students and teachers who bravely participated in the Talent show.  I am proud of you!  Mr. Flanagan will set up a site to view the pictures and videos. This information will sent home once the project is completed.

HTS Presents the Musical Lion King Jr.

Come and join us as the students of HTS present the Lion King.  Enjoy this musical which follows the adventures of the young lion Simba, the heir of his father, Mufasa. Simba's wicked uncle, Scar, plots to usurp Mufasa's throne by luring father and son into a stampede of wildebeests. But Simba escapes, and only Mufasa is killed. Simba returns as an adult to take back his homeland from Scar with the help of his friends Timon and Pumbaa. 

Ticket will be on sale shortly for the performances on Thursday, April 26th, Friday, April 27th and Saturday, April 28th at 7:00 pm.  

The Cast

Role Played By Role Played By
Simba Kyle Rooney Sarabi Chiara Golomb
Nala Lily Barbisch Sarafini Kate Mickle
Ed (Hyena) Jimmy Gaffney Zazu Gianna Kennelly
Banzai (Hyena) Tyler Gaffney Pumbaa Braehm Brown
Shenzi (Hyena) Sammy Gaffney Timon Ian Lecker
Mufasa Kyle Janas Scar Ethan Minzer
Rafiki Mia Crofford    

Lionesses (Ensemble): Isabella Cardimen,  Kate Mickle, Angelina Osso,  Melaina Merlo, Isabella Kulak, Olivia Wegrzynowicz, Victoria  Wegrzynowicz

Hyenas (Ensemble): Riley Lecker, Karolina Lucas, Contessa Tripodi, Natalie Paluso, Bianca Golomb

Ensemble: Lily Blanciak,  Allison Weaver, Hunter Gorsuch, Rachael Lucas, Carrie Betten, Tanner Gorsuch, Harold Tarr, Madilyn McClain, Ally Taylor, Clare Mulvay, Olivia Mulvay

4th Grade Ensemble: Kalilee Kunchick,  Sophia Saginaw, Zoe Woessner, Julia Davoli, Gianna Osso, Roman Tripodi, Marina Nickolas, Lexi Kolocouris, Lidia Oldak, Elise Hornyak, Lydia Wegrzynowicz, Marin Reinhardt

Dancers: Sierra Abbott,  Maddie Ashbaugh, Evie Minzer,  Isabel Seibel, Sofia Davoli, Julia Seng, Ashlyn Gill