From the Desk of the Principal: May Newsletter

05-01-2018NewsletterMrs. Kimberly Stevenson

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our HTS Mothers

Here’s wishing you a Mother’s Day 
That is filled with every pleasure, 
And a future that’s as happy 
As the memories you treasure!

May: The Month of Mary

It has been a long-standing Catholic tradition to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary in May. As Catholics we are reminded of Mary’s importance in the life of the Church and in our own lives as well. We honor Mary. We do not worship her.

Mary has a unique role in salvation history as the Mother of God, conceived without sin, who by her own free will agreed to bring the “Word made flesh", (John 1:14) our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into the world.

Praying the rosary with dignity and respect is a way to honor our Blessed Mother.

Holy Communion: Congratulations to our second graders who will be making their First Holy Communion on Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th. May the Lord bless each one of our 2nd graders.  Always know the Lord will be with you all the days of your life.

The following second grade students will receive the gift of the Eucharist on Saturday, May 5 & 6.  Leo Beadling, Eve Betten,  Anna Cicchino, Gina Cicchino, Eva Crofford, Madeline Debbis, Nico Domenico, Dean Douglass, Gracie Flora, Ana Sofia Gonzalez, Ethan Hankinson, Katelynn Hartsock, Sadie Karashin, Jason Kulbieda, Andrew Ludwick, Scarlett McGovern,  Luca Neal, Lily Reilly, Mia Pessy, Simon Rohrdanz, Rebekah Roun,  Rylan Scott, Catherine Schmidt, Zachariah Sellman, Lucas Stragand,  Isabel Stuckeman, Mario Thomas, Sydney Trippe, Isabella Walsh, Wyatt Walsh, Annabelle Watson, Liliana Woessner, Brooklyn Young, Ava Ziemniak, and Julia Zottola

May Crowning: During the month of May, Holy Trinity Catholic School will honor the Blessed Virgin Mary. We will hold our annual May Crowning ceremony on Friday, May 11 at 9:15am. The May Crowning will include a church procession involving second graders dressed in their First Communion dresses and suits, and 2 representatives from each grade. All students are to dress up or wear their mass uniform.  May Crowning will be held in the church so dress clothes must be appropriate.

Second grade parents the photographer will be here to take individual communion pictures of your child as well as the May Crowning Court.  Additional information will be sent home.

The May Crowning class representatives:

  • 1st Grade: Mia Molinaro & Thomas Einloth
  • 3rd Grade: Sydney Loehlein & Ryan Bridge
  • 4th Grade: Zoe Woessner & Gavin Lugaila
  • 5th Grade:  Matthew Mickle & Carrie Betten
  • 6th Grade: Grace Murray & Aaron Williams
  • 7th Grade: Allison Weaver & Kyle Janas
  • 8th Grade: Taytem Froehlich &  Gabe Miller
  • Queen and King: Audrey Flanagan & Ethan Williams

Graduation Approaching: The end of the school year will be here soon and I wanted to give you advance notice on the graduation dates for our students. Mrs. D’Itri’s and Miss McGuire’s classes will graduate on Wednesday, May 30 at 9:00am and 1:00pm. Miss Folino’s class will graduate on June 1 at 1:15pm. Our Kindergarten and 8th grade will graduate on Thursday, June 7 at 9:30am and 6:30pm. Additional information will be sent home by the classroom teachers.


HTS Cip & Cycle: Join other us at the CycleBar in Robinson on May 11 at 7:00pm to raise money for Holy Trinity Catholic School. Come dressed in your workout gear and CycleBar will provide the rest... water bottle, towels, shoes, showers, fresh fruit, etc. After the 45 minute class, stay and hang out with friends with some light refreshments. Are you ready to Rock your Ride for HTS? The event cost is $30.00 and you earn $15.00 in fundraising credit. Sign up at space is limited so register soon. The CycleBar is located at 1320 Park Manor Blvd., Suite 201, Pittsburgh, PA 15205.

Men’s Night: Holy Trinity School's 3rd annual Men's Night will be held Friday, May 18 at 6:00pm in the school cafeteria. The evening will be open to all Men 21 years of age and older. The evening will include great food from the Cooked Goose Catering, beer, card games, corn hole, and cigars. It is a great opportunity for a night out with family, friends, neighbors and coworkers, so invite them all! Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Non attending tickets are $5. Tickets will be sold after select masses and at the HTS school office and parish rectory. All tickets will be entered into a $2,500 drawing off of the PA pick 3 on May 28th at 7:00pm.

HTS Festival

I am thrilled to announce that Rich and Heather Murray have stepped up to chair the annual school Festival and Elise Minzer will be chairing the White Elephant.  The event will run Thursday – Saturday beginning on Thursday, August 2nd.  Please read the attached letter from the Murray family and continue to look for future correspondence on ways that you can help with the Festival. 

Thank you Bonnie Amendola for the many years you chaired this event.  It is truly appreciated.

Our Amazing Kids

Honor Roll for the 3rd Nine Weeks

  • 8A High Honors: Vanessa Betten, Connor Bridges, Averil Ludwick and Ethan Williams.
  • 8A Honors: Andrew Feeley, Andrew Marcello, Madeline Schiavo and Kennedy Walsh
  • 8B High Honors: Connor Callahan, Audrey Flanagan, Chiara Golomb, Ian Lecker, and Joseph Rees
  • 8B Honors: Tony Cicchino, Jillian Frosell, Renee LaGrosse, and Ethan Minzer
  • 7A High Honors: Kara Bridge, Corinne Ludwick, Kate Mickle, Evie Minzer, and Lexi Zurbola
  • 7A Honors: Lily Barbisch, Alan Betten, Collin Cimino, David Gallagher, Chris Ireland, Luca Michnowicz, Nate Schmid, Sage Sonnett, Olivia Wegrzynowicz, and Victoria Wegrzynowicz
  • 7B High Honors: Gianni Domenico, Sammy Gaffney, Isaac Huang, Danny Miller, Lorin Planinsic, and Amanda Strub
  • 7B Honors: Stephen Baker, Jimmy Gaffney, Tyler Gaffney, Marco Iacchetti, Kyle Janas, Karolina Lucas,  Clare Mulvay, Olivia Mulvay, and Kyle Rooney
  • 6A High Honors: Dominic Bodek, Sofia Davoli, Bianca Golomb, Ryan Saginaw, and Michael Smith
  • 6A Honors: Luke Baker, Deven Kumar, Marie Pigoni, and Sammy Sawayda
  • 6B High Honors:  Maddie Ashbaugh, Eliza Bell, Anthony D'Orazio, Jenna Gardner, and Aaron Williams
  • 6B Honors:  Reighan Bean, Maria Cicchino, Julian Myron, Julia Seng, and Contessa Tripodi

AR Reading Stars: I am thrilled to announce the names of the students in grades 2nd – 8th who have met or exceeded their goal for the 3nd 9 week period.  These children received a dress down day. The final AR dress down day.

Met Goals:

  • 2A: Varsha Borra, Gina Cicchino, Madeline Debbis, Ethan Hankinson, Andrew Ludwick
  • 2B: Leo Beadling, Eve Betten, Andre Kolocouris, Ana Sofia Gonzalez,  Luca Neal,   Sadie Karashin, Catherine Schmidt, Rylan Scott, Isabel Stuckeman, Liliana Woessner, Ava Ziemniak
  • 3A: Marco Buzzard, Christian Gill, Ava Jamiolkowski, Nathan Leiden, Mark Martella, Jude Miller 
  • 3B: Dominic Michnowicz
  • 4A:Sophia Saginaw
  • 6B: Eliza Bell, Maria Cicchino, Aaron Williams
  • 7A: Kate Mickle
  • 7B: Gianni Domenico
  • 8A: Vanessa Betten
  • 8B: Tony Cicchino, Nick DiPerna, Audrey Flanagan, Renee LaGrosse, Joseph Rees

Exceeded Goals:

  • 2A: Anna Cicchino, Annabelle Watson
  • 2B: Dean Douglass, Mia Pessy, Sydney Trippe, Isabella Walsh, Wyatt Walsh
  • 3B: Lindsay Bressler, Ryan Bridge, Aiden Curry, Brooklynn Horr,  Isaac Jones, Danica Nauman, Luke Sidhom, Alexander Smith, Piper White, Malley Woynar, Dalton Young 
  • 4A: Eve Amendola, Ella Hoffman, Lexi Kolocouris, Helene Ludwick, Lidia Oldak, Matthew Sawayda,  Christian Williams, Zoe Woessner, Colton Yonker,
  • 4B: Cece Bodek, John Cavicchia, Julia Davoli, Ava Domenico, Brayden Douglass, Max Gabor, Natalia Gonzalez, Gianna Osso,   Leah Parker, Brady Rooney, Sarah Sellman, Lydia Wegrzynowicz
  • 5A: Carrie Betten, Thomas Butts, Sean Frosell, Thomas Gayliardi, Gianna Kennelly, Alexandra Loehlein, Joelle Ludwick, Natalie Paluso, Ava Tournay, Bailey Ye, and Hannah Zurbola.
  • 5B: Henry Barbisch, Lydia Bartlett, Josie Einloth, Ashlyn Gill, PJ Hawkins, Lily Ireland, Riley Lecker, Rachael Lucas, Aubrey Males, Mariah Mars, Liam McAndrews, Luke Miller, Noelle Miller, Sarah Nagel, Angelina Osso, John Roberts, Harold Tarr, Casie Yonker
  • 6A: Luke Baker, Dominic Bodek, Sofia Davoli, Kaia Douglass, Bianca Golomb, Deven Kumar, Addison Miskow, Grace Murray, Gabbie Novelli, Marie Pigoni, Ryan Saginaw, Sammy Sawayda, Michael Smith, McKinley Walsh
  • 6B: Maddie Ashbaugh, Reighan Bean, Anthony D'Orazio, Jenna Gardner, Julian Myron, Julia Seng, Contessa Tripodi,
  • 7A: Sierra Abbott, Lily Barbisch, Alan Betten, Kara Bridge, Erin Dorsett, David Gallagher,  Hunter Gorsuch,  Chris Ireland, Natalie Krulac, Corinne Ludwick, Luca Michnowicz, Evie Minzer,  Nate Schmid, Isabelle Seibel,  Sage Sonnett, Nick Walker,   Allison Weaver, Olivia Wegrzynowicz, Victoria Wegrzynowicz, Lexi Zurbola
  • 7B Stephen Baker, Arrianna Hagan,  Morgan Hagan, Isaac Huang, Joey Leininger, Karolina Lucas, Melaina Merlo, Olivia Mulvay, Kyle Rooney, Amanda Strub
  • 8A: Connor Bridges, Andrew Feeley, Taytem Froehlich,   Cheyenne Gorsuch, Averil Ludwick, Madi Schiavo, Kennedy Walsh,   Ethan Williams
  • 8B: Jillian Frosell, Chiara Golomb, Cameron Hurwitz, Ian Lecker, Gabe Miller

Beaver Regional Honor League Members Celebrating Scholarship, Citizenship, Character, Leadership and Service

Beaver Regional Honor League:  Congratulations to the Holy Trinity School students who participated in the Induction Ceremony for the Beaver Regional Honor League on Wednesday, April 11th at 7:00pm at Our Lady of Fatima Parish.  Students from Our Lady of Fatima, Saint James, Holy Trinity Catholic, Saint Malachy and Saints Peter and Paul participated in this event. The league is opened to students in 7th or 8th grade who have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher in the six core subjects of Math/Algebra, English, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Religion. Applicants must also participate in at least one academic extra-curricular activity.

  • 2nd Year Members 8th Grade: Chiara Golomb, Audrey Flanagan, Averil Ludwick, Ian lecker, Ethan Williams, Ethan Minzer, Jillian Frosell
  • 1st Year Members 8th Grade: Tony Cicchino and Connor Bridges
  • 1st Year Members 7th Grade: Gianni Domenico, Olivia Wegrzynowicz, Sage Sonnett, Karolina Lucas, Lorin Planinsic, Olivia Mulvay, Jimmy Gaffney, Clare Mulvay, Kate Mickle, Nate Schmid, Corinne Ludwick, Allison Weaver, Collin Cimino, Evie Minze, Lily Barbisch, Sammy Gaffney, Tyler Gaffney