From the Desk of the Principal: June Newsletter

06-01-2019NewsletterMrs. Kimberly Stevenson

Another school year at Holy Trinity Catholic School is coming to an end. This year, however, is bittersweet. When you return to school in the fall, it will be to a new school named Archangel Gabriel, with a new Principal and President at the helm. My biggest hope is that you will support Dr. Assetta & Mrs. Militzer and allow them to bring their talents and ideas to the school community, as you have always allowed me to do. I wish both leaders much happiness and success at Archangel Gabriel School.

I write this final Principal’s Page with a heavy, yet grateful heart. It has been a great joy, honor and a privilege to be a part of this community for the past 13 years. Getting to know and work with the teachers and parents has helped to me a realize just how important community is. However, what has brought me the greatest joy throughout my years here has been being part of the children’s education and faith development. I know each student is a child of God and I have fully embraced our mission of preparing them for a life of faith, stewardship and academic excellence.

As a school community, we have created thousands of memories which will be cherished always. We put our entire hearts and souls into everything we did to make HTS a stellar school! Being at HTS was never just about the grades, it was about finding out who we were, what we were made of, and taking on all the possibilities that exist when we work together and give each other our total support. I want to thank every one of you for being the best at creating a loving and positive school environment each day.

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

Andrew Carnegie

Finally, there are never any goodbyes in life.  It has been said, “When a one door closes, another one opens.” I believe to grow; we must have the courage to step outside of our comfort zone. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, for making me feel so loved and welcomed. You have become my second family.

In July, I will begin my role as the Principal of John F. Kennedy Catholic School in Washington. I know this journey will allow me to continue to grow in faith and knowledge as I become a member of this new community.  Change is never easy, but St Paul reminds us that “through God’s Grace and strength, He will help us accomplish anything.”

I will always be grateful for our time together and everything we shared as a community! The Holy Trinity students, parents and teachers will forever hold a place in my heart. I am so lucky to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard. Thank you for that!  Have a wonderful summer and may God bless each one of you. I hope our paths cross again someday.
With appreciation and love,

Holy Trinity Catholic School Presents Our 2019 Graduates:

Eighth Grade Graduates: I want to wish our eighth-grade students all the best as they journey on to High School.  Eighth grade graduation is a time for celebration and reflection on the impact that a faith-based education has made on each student, and parents proudly see their child as an 8th Grade Graduate: The eighth grade graduation mass will be held on Tuesday, June 4th at 6:30 pm at Holy Trinity Catholic Church with a small reception immediately following in the school cafeteria. Thank you to the 7th grade parents and the PTG for hosting the reception. We wish continued success to our graduates as they continue their educational journey. Presenting our 8th grade graduates:

Sierra Abbott, Stephen Baker, Lily Barbisch, Alan Betten, Kara Bridge, Isabella Cardimen,  Collin Cimino, Damian Davila, Gianni Domenico, Vincent Frank, William Fryer, James Gaffney, Samuel Gaffney, Tyler Gaffney, Hunter Gorsuch, Arrianna Hagan, Morgan Hagan,  Isaac Huang, Marco Iacchetti, Christopher Ireland,  Kyle Janas, Natalie Krulac, Joseph Leininger, Karolina Lucas, Corinne Ludwick, Charles Mawhinney,  Melaina Merlo, Luca Michnowicz, Katherine Mickle, Daniel Miller, Evelyn Minzer, Mason Moore, Clare Mulvay, Olivia Mulvay, Caiden Ohrn, Lorin Planinsic, Kyle Rooney, Nathaniel Schmid, Isabelle Seibel, Sage Sonnett,  Amanda Strub, Allison Weaver, Olivia Wegrzynowicz, Victoria Wegrzynowicz, and  Alexis Zurbola

Kindergarten Graduates: Our kindergarten students will graduate on Thursday, June 6th at 9:00am in the gym. We wish our kindergarten class much success as they enter first grade. Our kindergarten graduates are:

Emma Abramowicz, Niko Ameredes, Maeve Beadling,  Maxx Brown, Brooke Bujaky, Brooke Carlson, Marianna Cowan, Thomas Cromie, Dustin Daniel, Mia DeChicchis,  Elijah Ficocelli, Avaya Hess, Isaiah Hibnes, Ryan Hoffman, Levi Jarocki, Noelle Jerabek, Raymond Johnson, Anna Kish, Milana Kolocouris, Michael Kroniser, Courtney Kulbieda, Michaela Lucas, Capri Matusic, Lauren McDevitt, Jameson McGinley, Jaden Molinaro, Elliot Owens, Loreline Pino, Michael Rigler Amalia Roehn, Jackson Schmidt, Peter Schneider, Colton Snyder, Anastasha Spewock, Luke Staudenmeier, Matthew Stragand, Chiara Stuvek, Sadie Thomas, Harley Wilson, Kenneth Woods, Arden Wyke-Shiring, Natalie Yurchak, and Mila Ziehler.

Preschool Half Day Graduates: Alexander Abajace, Evelyn Benton, Eliana Bucci, Trevor Butts, John Garretson, Blaize Guckert, Gabriella Hernandez, Theodore Hess, Gabriella Krenzelak, Anthony McCabe, Ariel Menefee, Juliana Millan, Jacob Monyak, Nolan Murphy, Tessa Neal, Levi Ogurchak, Donovan Riggs, Ella Shipley, Declan Simpson, Joseph Slifko, Raegan Stadterman, Julian Storch, Lillian Urick, and Miles Zimage

Preschool 3 Full Day Graduates: Britta Barefoot, John Bensko, Gino Berteotti, Carter Crytzer, Enzo Dzurenda, Gabriel Goodwin, Braydon Gossic, Cienna Humbert, Kupono Jeremiah, Ryan Kushner, Justin Lengyel, McKinley Meredith, Kennedy Meyer, Rosalie Mineo, Angelina Mueller, Claire Ocheltree, Mila Sikorski, Katherine Solaya, Scarlett Spisak, Victoria Stoffella, Skylar Tegano, Violet Vlasach, Julian Wolbert, and Landon Zimmerman

Preschool 5 Full Day Graduates: Maeve Allen, Vijay Sai Balur, Kruti Bhagavan, Kennedie Dantzler, Thiago Diaz, Lorenzo Garrett, Fernanda Arroyo Grajeda, Elizabeth Jones, Blake Kalyan, Hargunn Kaur, Lyla Kish, Logan Martin, Violet McGovern, Luca Novelli, Roman Ohl, Charlie Pentland, Rose Staudenmeier, Bryson Steele, Avery Stephens, Eleanor Stuckeman, Clare Terpack, Gabriel Winterhalter, Lenore Winterhalter, and Ivy Wu
May God bless all the HTS graduates.

There are so many activities and events going on over the next several weeks so keep your May and June calendars handy.

End-of-the-Year Checklist for Parents

If money is owed on anything except tuition, you will have until June 10th to pay it.

Lunch Accounts: Please make sure that your child’s lunch account is at zero on the
last day of school.

Fundraising and Volunteer Assessments: Please make sure that your 2018-2019 fundraising and volunteer fee are paid.  You will receive a letter with the amounts owed on June 2nd.

Medications: If your child has medication at school, please remember to pick it up on the last day of school.

Beaver Regional Honor League:  Holy Trinity Catholic School hosted the Induction Ceremony for the Beaver Regional Honor League on Wednesday, May 8th at 7:00 PM in Holy Trinity Church.  Father Alan celebrated the mass. Students from Holy Trinity Catholic, Our Lady of Fatima, Saint James in Sewickley, Saint Malachy and Saints Peter and Paul participated in this event. The league is opened to students in 7th & 8th grader who have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher in the six core subjects of Math/Algebra, English, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Religion. Applicants must also participate in at least one academic extra-curricular activity and provide service to their community.Congratulations to the following students who were inducted into the Beaver Regional Honor League for the 2018 – 2019 school year. The Holy Trinity members include:

8th Grade Second Year Students: Lily Barbisch, Collin Cimino, Gianni Domenico, Karolina Lucas, Corinne Ludwick, Kate Mickle, Evelyn Minzer, Clare Mulvay, Olivia Mulvay, Nathaniel Schmid, Sage Sonnett, Allison Weaver, and Olivia Wegrzynowicz

8th Grade First Year Students: Isabella Cardimen, Marco Iacchetti, Victoria Wegrzynowicz, and Alexis Zurbola

7th Grade Students: Eliza Bell, Maria Cicchino, Anthony D’Orazio, Sofia Davoli, Bianca Golomb, Samantha Sawayda, Julia Seng, Michael Smith, and Aaron Williams

Congratulations to the Holy Trinity Scholars. It is wonderful to see so many students dedicated to their studies.

Our Amazing Kids

Spelling Bee Winners: Congratulations, Alexandra Loehlein!  On Wednesday, May 15th Alex competed in the Diocese of Pittsburgh Spelling Bee held at St Louise de Marillac School. There were 39 Catholic schools in attendance.  The Bee lasted 22 rounds.  In round 14th the students moved from 8th grade words to the challenge words. When the round ended there were only 2 spellers left Alex, and a boy from Blessed Trinity School. The two students spelled words for another 7 rounds before Alex misspelled the word transient and finished in second place. This is the highest place an HTS student placed in the last 13 years.  Last year, Contessa Tripodi finished in 3rd place. Alex, we are all so incredibly proud of you! Alex is a 6th grader and the daughter of Eric and Julie Loehlein and big sister of Sydney, Samantha and Andrew.

Earth Day: As part of the school-wide Earth Day celebration, 6th and 7th grade students in Mrs. Ford’s science classes worked on their final Fairchild Challenge of the school year.  This program is sponsored by Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  The fifth challenge was to promote conservation and environmental awareness through a project that focused on the home, school, or the community.  The students put together a scavenger hunt activity titled, “A Hunt for a Better Environment”.  Students in grades 2-8 participated in various activities around the school to teach about recycling, pollution, fossil fuels, endangered species, poisonous plants, and much more.  At each station, the class earned a letter, which spelled out the answer to a riddle at the end.  “Be a part of the _______, not the pollution.”  Can you guess the answer?

Sphero Robots: Intermediate and middle school students in Mrs. Ford’s computer classes participated in a variety of activities with Sphero robots. Students had to code Sphero to do specific tasks. Fifth grade played a version of Angry Birds. Sixth grade traveled back to the Stone Age and made Fred Flintstone’s car get to the Rock Quarry. Seventh grade went Sphero bowling and played Connect-the-dots. Eighth grade not only tried to hit the bullseye, they also designed a golf hole and went Sphero miniature golfing.

PRSEF Covestro Science Fair:  A quick follow-up for the students that participated in the PRSEF Covestro Science Fair. The certificates arrived and Gianna Kennelly was presented with a Certificate of Excellence from the Collegiate Award Judges and a Certificate of Excellence from the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh.  Riley Lecker and Anthony D’Orazio were presented a Certificate of Merit for Excellence in Presentation.  Congratulations!

Congratulations to the Holy Trinity Catholic JV and Varsity Track Teams: The boys and girls JV and Varsity Ttrack teams competed in the Diocesan Championships on Saturday, May 18, 2019. Although it was a very hot and long day all HTS students gave 100%. Congratulation to all our athletics!

Team Awards

  • JV Girls were the Diocesan Champs. The team members were Elise Hornyak, Ashlyn Gill, Carrie Betten, Zoe Woessner, Tanner Gorsuch, Leah Parker, Sarah Buzzard, Chloe Hornyak, Lily Ireland, Mia Crofford, Joelle Ludwick, Sophia Saginaw and Ava Tournay.
  • Varsity Boys were the Diocesan Runners-up
  • JV Boys placed 2nd in the Diocese

Individual Awards

  • Chloe Hornyak: diocesan champ in both 100m and 200m (JV girls)
  • JV Girls 4x100 team of Chloe Hornyak, Mia Crofford, Leah Parker, Sophia Saginaw: diocesan champs
  • Luke Baker: medaled in 4 events (varsity boys)
  • Evie Minzer: medaled in 5 events (varsity girls)
  • McKinley Walsh: medaled in 3 events (varsity girls)
  • Matthew Mickle: medaled in 6 events (JV boys)
  • James Baker: medaled in 3 events (JV boys)
  • Owen Minzer: medaled in 3 events (JV boys)
  • Henry Barbisch: medaled in 3 events (JV boys)
  • Christian Williams: medaled in 3 events (JV boys)

Thank you to our coaches, parents, and volunteers who without their help none of this would be possible.  Thank you coaches: Nicole Crofford, Bob Bressler, Chris Smith, Mike Roberts, Catherine Roberts, Brian Barbisch, Chuck Handerhan Dave Golomb, Dave Hornyak for all of the coaching, help, collaboration and support this year.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who have helped throughout the year and to Chris Smith, Paul Frank, Paul Gill, Bill Woessner, Matt Crofford and Bruce Parker for manning the javelin station for 10 or more hours yesterday.

Developmental Track: Congratulations to the Developmental Track Team for an exciting and successful year! The following members received medals at the Diocese Championship.

In the girls division our 4 by 100 meter relay team made up of Eve Betten, Eva Crofford, Lindsay Bressler and Sydney Ligashesky medaled.  Eve Betten also received medals in the 200-meter and 400-meter races. 

In  the boys division, the 4 by 100 meter relay team made up of Andre Kolocouris, Wyatt Walsh, Alex Smith and Christian Gill medaled.  Andre Kolocouris also received a medal in the 800-meter race. BACK TO LIST