Cafeteria Procedures

Option C will be used to monitor your child/children(s) lunch account balance. This is available for parent view 24/7 so please keep the password that is provided to you from the school office. The cafeteria staff is NOT able to reset or provide new password information — you will need to obtain from the office if lost or problems logging on.

Each student will be provided a payment envelope (attached) to be used by the student/family for cafeteria correspondence. Please re-use this envelope. Cash or checks are sent to the cafeteria each morning to be applied toward your child/children(s) lunch account.

**Please note: Each student will have a lunch balance. If you send in 1 check in one child's envelope that $$ will be applied to THAT STUDENTS LUNCH ACCOUNT ONLY. If you would like me to apply it to ALL CHILDREN in the family it needs to be CLEARLY NOTED that it is to be evenly distributed to all family members.

Please send all cash or checks payable to Holy Trinity School — Cafeteria. Deposits will be made in Option C on a weekly basis. Lunches and A-la-carte will be added to Option C within a 2 week period. (Option C is not live time and has to be manually data entered this process will work much better with A-la-carte items and breadsticks deducting from the lunch account this year).

Cost of student lunch is $3.25/day. You have the option to pay per week, bi-weekly or monthly whichever way fits your budget. To help you, below are weekly payment totals:
$16.25 —1 wk/5 lunches (Account balances should be kept at $15.00 or above)
$32.50 — 2 wks/10 lunches
$48.75 — 3 wks/15 lunches
$65.00 — 4 wks/20 lunches

Students will order lunches with their homeroom teacher each morning. Every day the menu will feature a MAIN (regular), ALTERNATE or Peanut Butter & Jelly (PB&J) entrée. Again this year the alternate entrée will change daily, but remain the same each day of the week (i.e. Monday-chicken nuggets, Tuesday-hamburger, Wednesday-chicken patty, Thursday-hot dog, Friday-cheese pizza).

If your child forgets his/her lunch they may still order a school lunch. If there is no money in the family account an email/paper memo will be sent home requesting a payment. They can send the money to the cafeteria the next day. If your child places an order for a lunch, your family account will be deducted for that lunch. Due to high expenses and low revenue it has become necessary to charge for every lunch prepared whether eaten or not.

If the student/family account owes over $25.00, he/she will need to have a PBJ. They do receive the fruit and vegetables (anything we are serving) with the PBJ. Once the money is repaid they can resume ordering whatever they want. We will always feed them!

With Option C — you can review your child/children(s) account 24/7 so there will be no reminder emails/paper notices sent until your family account is largely in the negative. One trick to reading Option C — "Green is GOOD" = your account balance is in good standing and "Red is BAD" = your account is in the negative and payment will need to be made immediately to bring it current. It will be your responsibility to monitor the account weekly/bi-weekly or monthly as you see fit.

Milk Table

Students who need to purchase milk may do so at the milk table in the cafeteria. The price of milk this year is $0.55. (This option is for packers only; children purchasing lunch automatically receive milk with their lunch). We also sell bottles of water; 8oz. cost $0.50 and 16oz. cost $1.00.

MILK and WATER purchased at the milk table CAN NOT be paid for via the lunch account funds. Students must have cash when purchasing milk or water items.


A-la-carte items are available daily. Students may order an additional entrée or a side dish item. Entrée items cost $1.50 and side items cost $0.75. The items the students may choose from will only be from the menu served for that day. Breadsticks are $0.60 each and are available on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY only, but the students MUST order all a-la-carte items when the morning lunch count is done in the classroom. We cannot serve more than 3 breadsticks per student. These a-la-carte items and breadsticks will only be available after all of the students have gone through the lunch line and received their lunches.

NEW THIS YEAR!! A-la-carte items can be paid for via the lunch account funds OR by sending in cash on the day of purchase. You and your child can determine what is the best option is for ordering a-la-carte. If there any problems with a-la-carte ordering, you can always view your child/children(s) ordering patterns 24/7 in Option C. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please send me an email.

Lunch Account Procedures

It is imperative that we have a valid email address for your family. We will be conducting Lunch Account correspondence via email and minimal paper notices.

An account is considered LOW BALANCE when it is showing RED in Option C. Low balance email notices will be sent once an account reaches a significant low balance. All families are provided with access to Option C and are responsible for monitoring and maintaining lunch account balances. When the account balance reaches $0 the student may be given a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich and a milk until the account is updated. (Of course peanut allergies, documented by a physician s note, will be addressed accordingly with a substitute entrée).

If there have been two insufficient funds checks written to the cafeteria for account payment from the same checking account, then only cash, cashier's check or money orders will be accepted for future meal account deposits.

Any questions or any issues in regards to your families lunch account can be directed to me via email at Please enter LUNCH ACCOUNT in the subject line.