Holy Trinity Safe Environment Policy

UPDATED August 27, 2017

All volunteers must be in compliance prior to the commencement of service and must have all clearances and trainings before they can be approved to volunteer. All event and activity chairpersons, sponsors and coaches must submit a list of volunteers to the office for approval.  No one may volunteer unless they are cleared and signed off through the office.

REPORTING CHILD ABUSE & THE CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES LAW OF PENNSYLVANIA:  Please go to diopitt.org/sites/default/files/ReportingChildAbuse.pdf   Read the booklet. Sign and return the Acknowledgement of Receipt to the office.

STATE POLICE CLEARANCE: Please go to epatch.state.pa.us and complete the SP_CRC.  Print out 2 copies of the certificate and send one to the school.

CHILD ABUSE CLEARANCE:  Please go to www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis.  Print out 2 copies for this report and send one to the office. 

PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN: This class as two options. You can attend a three hour Protecting God’s Children Class. Class dates and times can be found on the Diocesan website at www.diopitt.org. Please send in the PGC certificate to the office.  You can also take this class online at www.virtus.org.  Click on registration and complete form and then you will be able to choose the online session which is located at the bottom of the list.  Please sure to print out the certificate.

FBI CLEARANCE:  Volunteers who are currently residents of PA but have not been a resident for a full 10 years need to obtain an FBI clearance check.  Register for the check at www.pa.cogentid.com.

If you have been a PA resident for 10 years, complete and return the waiver.  Please see the attached waiver information. 

MANDATED REPORTER:  All volunteers and coaches must go to www.reportabusepa.pitt.edu and view a video.  After the video you will need to print out the certificate and send it to school.

DIOCESAN WEBSITE:  Please be sure to register on the Diocesan website:  www.diopitt.org.   Scroll down the left hand side of the home page to the “Protecting God’s Children” menu and click on the “Safe Environment Database”.  This will take you to the application login.  The Access Code is Protect.

Thank you so much for doing your part in providing a safe environment for our children and recognizing the importance of the Diocesan Safe Environment Policy.

If you have any questions call the school office at 412-787-2656 Ext. 3 or email me at principal@holytrinityrobinson.org


Kimberly N. Stevenson